TAIKOO zero-24

Lens module for thin signboards

● Uses japanese LED
● Constant voltage DC24V specifications
● Recommended pitch = Sign thickness (depth) ÷ 0.6
● Recommended signboard thickness = 40mm-60mm
● Ra80 high color rendering type


Part Number F-TZ1G-24-8D
Dimensions W40.2×H21.6×D10.6mm
Wire diameter AWG20 (0.5sq)
Weight 8g
Max Module Pitch 120mm
Recommended pitch depth÷0.6
Rated Current Constant voltage type DC24V
Power Consumption 0.4W
Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
Initial IP 66
Estimated Lifetime 40,000h ※1
Usage Environment Luminaire use only
Packing  30pcs/Chain


Emission color Part Number 8D
Emission color Daylight
Color Temperature 6500K
Ra Ra80
※1 …※The number is the time when flux is going to be 70% of its initial flux. This is not warranted number but also estimated one.


PS Part Number Connection Maximum series connection
ELV90-24-3R8 14~253pcs 120pcs