High power LED Modules ideal for wide ceiling lights

● High Lumens 500lumen
● A chain-type module and easy light source design that’s compatible with any lighting fixture as a LED light engine.
● Designed with a special light distribution feature, this is an ideal option for achieving uniform illumination, as well as a perfect lighting solution for the ceiling, floor or wall.


Part Number H-TP1N-24-(*A)
Dimensions W67.0×H48.0×D11.0mm
Wire diameter AWG18 (0.75sq)
Weight 40g
Max Module Pitch 600mm
Rated Current Constant voltage type DC24V
Power Consumption 5.0W
Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
Initial IP 66
Estimated Lifetime 40,000h ※1
Usage Environment Luminaire use only
Packing  10pcs/Chain

Optical characteristics


*A Emission color Part Number 8D 8N 8W 8L30 8L27
Emission color Daylight Neutral White White Warm White
Color Temperature 6500K 5000K 4000K 3000K 2700K
Ra Ra80
※1 …※The number is the time when flux is going to be 70% of its initial flux. This is not warranted number but also estimated one.

Available range by PSU capacity

PS Part Number Connection Maximum series connection
ELV90-24-3R8 1~16pcs 16pcs