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FirstSystem「Privacy Policy」

First System (hereinafter referred to as the "We".), To protect customer personal information and corporate information (hereinafter. Be referred to as "information") is a common of our business, in order to continue to provide a safe, trusted and reliable service to customers, we strive information protection and establish the following privacy policy.

1. Appropriate collection, use and provision of Information

We collect information from customers of minimum necessary in order to provide our information service, the collected information is responsible for use and provided within the scope of the collection purpose.

2. Safety management of information

In order to prevent damage, loss, leakage of customer information, we strive and improve the necessary and appropriate safety control measures.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations and other norms regarding personal information

We comply with Personal Information Protection Act and other personal information protection related laws, regulations and guidelines for the handling of personal information.

4. Setting of the Contact Center

We set our inquiry contact and they respond appropriately and quickly for the handling of information.

5. information that we ask to customers who access our website

Our website has been operating as a service to our customers. If customer uses this web site, in the part of the site, you might be asked some information of customers (inquiries, e-mail etc. in case of services are required by customers as necessary and voluntarily. ). Information that we ask you are mainly your information such as, personal name and company name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, and they are needed when our services are used. We never modify the disclosed information without customers' consent. Please note that there is a case that we notify the information to third party depending on the type of service of this website. (for example, the customer's name and address may be transfered to third party for a service of delivery.) We will take the necessary measures within a reasonable range in order to protect our customers' privacy, who visits our Website.

6. Information providing to third parties

Information which was provided by customers, except in the case of each of the following, is never disclosed or provided to any third party. For a new inquiry, in order to have appropriate answer, we disclose the inquiry to third party. For necessary to use the purpose mentioned above, in cases of performing the disclosure to our subcontractors or business partners (distributors and transportation companies, etc.), of being required by law, or, of getting approval from customer, of getting approval from customer.

7. Access log file

We use access log file with respect to the collection of broad demographic information for collective use, the analysis of usage trends of this web site, management of the site, detection of user trends. Also as a result, we can get a statistical site usage information about visited page, page residence time, just before the place to access the site, the trend as well as the browser and operating system of the user's page movement transition, etc. but it does not have to be used for the collection of specific information.

8. Link

This web site, including but not limited to some of the links to other sites, does not share the privacy information. It does not bear any in our responsibility for the collection of information to be carried out at linked web site, please refer to the information handling contents of the linked web site always.

9. Warranty, and Limitation of Liability

Use of this web site, it shall be the responsibility of the customer. For any damage caused by the use of this web site and various kinds of information linked to this Web site which has been acquired from other web sites that have been set, we assume no responsibility.

10. Governing Law

This web site is under our control. This web site is possible to be accessed from all over the world of countries with different laws, however both our customers and we, regardless of the difference of such a law principle, and you must agree to be bound by the laws of Japan with respect to the use of this web site. We don’t confirm if description and content on this website whether it is appropriate or not in the customer's environment at all. Access to this website is done by customers’ free will, responsibility for the use of this web site is assumed by customers.

11. Revision of privacy policy

We may revise the above policy. In that case all of the revisions will be notified by this website.

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